Hajimemashite ~ From Yuki Morikawa Dollife Dream

Hajimemashite ~ my name is Yuki Morikawa Dollfie Dream and I came from the White Album world where I was an an idol singer rising in popularity along with my senpai Rina Ogata.  Now I am the 12th daughter in Wolfheinrich’s family of Dollfie Dream girls.  We are a large happy family and we are fortunate that Otousan has decided to adopt us.  However, Otousan has told me that in order for us to create a world full of Dollfie Dream and we must go out and spread as much Dollfie Dream love as possible.  You can find out more about Dollfie Dream or get in touch with me via my my Otousan’s blog domain Wolfheinrich.com, tumblr and deviantART, and you may also contact my sister DD Saber Lily via her twitter and her Flickr Stream.